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Common outmoded tradition include:Tribal MarksWidowhood RiteFemale Genital MutilationTrokosi SystemImprisonment in witch camp, also Matrilineal Inhritance which is the focus of this program.

Culture or tradidition is a way of life akin to a particular group  of people.  Its presence is indispensably necessary in the identificatin  of the unique character of a  given society.  While it is good, some of its practices may infringe the human rights of individuals and therefor degraded  as outmoded and archaic.

Ulrich and Thielemann established in 1995 by research1 that managers generally
subscribe to the statement that “Sound ethics is good business in the long run;” and that
“most managers subscribe to the idea of moral or social responsibility of business, parallel to, and sometimes in conflict with, its market orientation. In this vein, the paper will examine the following course topics and their relevance in the market place.
The topics include:
: Principles for Resolving Ethical Dilemma
 :Ethics of Market and Prices
;:Environmental Issues
; Customer Issues
; Care Ethics
; Moral Philosophy, and
A detailed overview of each topic will be made, showing how the concepts or theories
can be applied, where possible, in corporate management
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The old order changeth, yielding place to new” Economists would generally assert that economic factors have “shaped the whole landscape of life as we live it today”; but a new landscape is emerging, across the business world,, This new order dominated by digital infrastructure of the information age, is flattening the old economic boundaries which restricted or slowed down free flow of economic and commercial activities, The hierarchical structures of corporations are giving way to flattened horizontal networks of th e information age and thus giving a new definition to production technology. Based on global teamwork. Under such circumstances, one could anticipate being confronted with the choice between security and flexibility,. There could be constant training and retraining, and change of jobs with clashes against the demand for stability and sustainability as a result of the irreversible, steady progress of change,.
The forces emitting these changes may be subsumed under four broad categories: …
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Every firm has an organization system. It includes the stated or
unstated philosophy, values, visions and goals,
the quality of leadership, communication, and group
dynamics, the nature of both formal and informal
organizations and the influence of the social environment..
These items combine to create a culture in which the
personal attitudes of employees and structural factors can produce
motivation and goal achievement.1
The Organizational Behaviour Practitioner has a singular role to play in the

Subject The State Farms Corporation workers have been confronted by the natives of a project area to prevent them from the use of their lands without the prior approval of the native community.
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It is difficult to give a specific definition for
strategy. The definition may be figments of the manager's
imagination or it may be couched in such a may as to suit
the company's purposeser
Strategy Formulation and Implementation

It is difficult to give aDtrategy Formulation and Implementationspecific definition for
strategy. The definition may be figments of the manager's
imagination or it may be couched in such a may as to suit
the company's purposes. Notwithstanding, Edmond E.Leqrned
and othersl have defined strategy as